Victoria University

Victoria University is an excellent multiple location business competency creating institution. It provides a unique opportunity for enhancing individual expertise with an eye on job mobility and new enterprise creation.

The Mission for academic courses is:

  • To develop competent and open-minded men and woman for leadership positions in industry and government
  • To present skillful individuals with the background necessary to follow advanced study
  • To engage participants in a constructive exchange with other cultures and ways of doing business

Strategic alliances enhance international cooperation and are highly valuable to the future of this world. Through their international background, the school’s architects envisage a business school dedicated to improve the relationship between the dynamic economics of growth in the East and the technically advanced economies in the West. The school looks forward to the needs of the global workplace and allows graduates to take their place in a challenging and changing world. EuroPort Business School strongly supports the understanding and cooperation between participants from different cultures and countries. By engaging in constructive exchange with other cultures, one can learn more about one’s own culture. An enhanced international cooperation is highly valuable to the future of the world.

We want to create knowledge, influence management practices and integrate globally. The school’s way of teaching highlights human values and professional ethics. This will help business leaders make decisions that are not only good for them, but also for society and the world as a whole. We are deeply concerned with managerial decision-making. From a market efficiency point of view, there are numerous arguments that favor globalization, turning our planet into a global village. Nevertheless, we acknowledges there are equally compelling arguments to cherish natural, social-economic and agricultural diversity. While economic growth is a powerful engine, tomorrow’s business leaders should never forget their responsibilities for environmental sustainability and future generations. Worldwide integration leads to social economies and a abundance of opportunities. Yet ignorance of local customs and concerns causes local criticism and even failure.

The participants learn to resolve problems by studying its past and present development and its application in diverse situations. Participants will be taught how to consider the positive and negative features of each alternative and to reflect and discriminate the possible outcomes and their ethical aspects

By the end of the program the participant :

  • Will have learned how to maintain competitiveness and excellence in the global marketplace
  • Will be aware of the needs and aspirations of the global environment
  • Will be committed to lifelong learning
  • Will have earned how to value the diverse thoughts of humanity

Partner University of professional education
We are very pleased to be the partner for Victoria University in the Netherlands. We, EuroPort Business School, are fully aware of the fact that we have to adopt the educational system from Victoria University so we provide the students the same quality as in Switzerland. The teaching part is done in the Netherlands and the graduation will be in Switzerland!

In cooperation with Victoria University, EuroPort Business School offers the following academic courses:

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
  3. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


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